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Re: [Linux-cluster] How to find out what kernel version current GFS rpm is compiled against?

hi RR

you have a couple of options:

1 (assuming you have a valid GFS subscription) in RHN under the "File List" for a specific package will it list the files contained in the package. your version of GFS installs into

2 If you have the package downloaded, a rpm -qpl \
will also show you what the relevant kernel version is.

Unfortunately there is no single reference for which versions of the kernel modules for GFS, GNBD, dlm and cman go with which kernel version. I have suggested this to RH as a knowledge base article.


RR wrote:

is there an easy way to find this out or a place where I can go
everytime there's an update to GFS or GFS-Kernel packages? With the
Current version of GFS- and GFS-kernel-2.6.9-60.3, am I good
with kernel 42.0.2 or can I upgrade to 42.0.3?

Thanks in advance,

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