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Re: [Linux-cluster] Clustering RHEL 2.1 without Shared

Jambo Riaan! *

Thank you for the clear, concise breakdown.

I already kinda figured 2 of those 3 options too,
  I didn't know about the special compat21 libraries, though.

A/ Because we use Ingress databases, which need to be restarted each day,
  I was planning to sync the hosts during that downtime.
  A failover script is a natural extension to that mechanism.

B/ I read that RHEL4 will finction without a quorum partition.
What I didn't know was that RHEL 4 can 'emulate' 2.1
 (being a 2.6 kernel with newer LVM and all).
  RHEL4 would also, theoretically, allow LVM2 mirroring across those 2
    which would result in a shared, up-to-date filesystem.

C/ If neither of those options worked out well (or if the package simply
-requires- clustering),
  the final trump card was a brand new system.

Unfortunately, a Compaq Cluster Package actually costs arount $20.000, if
you include the disks and licences.
A production-ready system (with multipath SCSI, dual RAID controllers, etc,
etc) will even run you $30.000

Kind regards,
(and a merry X-mas!)

Kit Gerrits

*) That's about all the Afrikaans I know, though

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