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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_drac broken with DRAC/MC 1.3

I have fixed the problem and posted the change to Bugzilla. It was due to the $telnet_timeout value of 5 seconds being too short for the 1.3 DRAC/MC firmware. Dell decided to make the telnet connection slower than 1.2 for some reason.

/sbin/fence_drac, line 33:
my $telnet_timeout = 10;      # Seconds to wait for matching telent response

my $telnet_timeout = 10;      # Seconds to wait for matching telent response


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Sent: Tuesday, October 3, 2006 10:33:58 AM
Subject: [Linux-cluster] fence_drac broken with DRAC/MC 1.3

Hi group,

I have submitted a bug report for this problem, but thought it might be useful to let the group know what I've found.

I'm running RHEL 4 Update 4 on Dell PowerEdge 1955 blade servers in a chassis with DRAC/MC 1.3 firmware.

The fence_drac is able to power off/on the blade, but the script is not returning the correct status after the power is switched off/on.

Example command issued:
# fence_drac -a -l username -p password -D debug.txt -m Server-10 -v -o off
detected drac version 'DRAC/MC'
failed: telnet returned: pattern match timed-out

Server is shut off harshly (ie. about 3 services are shutdown in init 6, then power is cut to the machine). For troubleshooting, running init 6 manually results in a full, normal shutdown of the server. If I run fence_node, with fence_drac as the script to run setup in /etc/cluster/cluster.conf, the missing expected response of server off/on results in the node being power cycled repeatedly.

Its great that the server is getting shut down, but the Perl Telnet interface needs a known response to feedback an expected result.

I'm guessing changing the script is fairly trivial to get this working with DRAC/MC 1.3. If anyone else has this working, please pass along the fix. I will try working on this next week to see if I can kick it into working.


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