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Re: [Linux-cluster] STONITH

Grant Waters wrote:

I had a quick search through your threads but couldn't find an exact hit which includes a resolution so I thought I'd try posting this here. We appear to lose eth1, and the MSA 500 G2 starts timing out, and by the time I get in in the morning I can see errors on the MSA 500 G2 LCDs saying "43 REDUNDANCY FAILED" and "POWER OK" resepctively on the secondary and primary controllers.
I've had the same problem, although I'm running RHEL 4. About 3 times in the last year I've had failures where the nodes can no longer access the MSA 500 G2, with the same errors shown on the controllers.

Each time HP has told me to "Upgrade the firmware" (and this is over the course of a year or more at this point). Since the problem only happens every few months, by the time it happens again HP has a new firmware release out and they tell me to upgrade again.

Not much help to fix your fencing problem. But since your MSA 500 G2 problem is the same as mine, I figured it was worth a mention.

Eric Kerin

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