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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and samba problem, again

sandra-llistes wrote:


I sent a mail a few days ago to this list related with GFS+samba problems.

Since the, we have installed a sepparated test environment also with two linux servers where we have tested a samba server with an exported share in GFS. The share is read-only and only one server is exporting it.

When we try to access from a single windows client it works fine, but when we try to access to the same file from 2 or more windows clients simoultaneously, windows hangs and samba also does. This seems not to happen with concurrent access to different files or with linux clients.

We've also tested to export the same share without GFS and in this case it works fine.

It seems to be a locking problem with samba, GFS and windows clients. Does any of you have experienced similar problems? Do you have any suggestion about this?

Following is the share configuration in smb.conf:

  comment         = ShareGFS
  path            = /public
  writeable       = No
  read only       = Yes
  write list      = @admsamba
  force group     = admsamba
  create mask     = 0775
  directory mask  = 0775
  oplocks         = No
  locking = Yes
  strict locking = Yes
# I proved with locking/Strick locking=Yes and No. Always happens the same problem

I attach some samba logs (Level 3).
Software Versions:
    Fedora 5
    Samba 3.0.23
    GFS  6.1.5
    kernel 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5

Any help will be appreciated.

Sandra Hernandez

Hi Sandra,
I'm not very familiar with the locking of samba, but I did try the scenario you described on my test cluster. I'm unable to reproduce your problem. I have an identical smb.conf as you've pasted above. Accessing (reading a txt file, or playing a video clip) from two windows clients simultaneously works just fine without any glitches. If I understood it right, the test case you describe has one node in a cluster exporting a single samba share over a GFS filesystem and you're using multiple windows clients to access the same file in this share. This is a fairly basic operation IMO and it is quite odd that you should see this failure. Maybe you can try the CVS version of cluster suite (cvs -d :pserver:cvs sources redhat com:/cvs/cluster checkout -r RHEL4 cluster) to see if the problem persists. Also, I'd be interested in knowing the behavior when you mount GFS on only one node (the one that's exporting) and also when you use GFS with lock_nolock on a standalone machine.

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