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Re: [Linux-cluster] IPMI IBM x366 basics


Thanks a lot,

I entered the Bios setup and found out the BMC configurantion, where I set the IP address and User+password information.
It worked just fine, thanks for the hint!!!

Filipe Miranda

On 10/6/06, Jos Vos <jos xos nl> wrote:
On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 11:50:54AM -0300, Filipe Miranda wrote:

> We will use the IPMI as our fence device since we are using IBM x366
> machines, they are IPMI compliant.
> Could someone help me out on how to setup tihs machines to use this IPMI
> functionaliy>
> Does it have a special NIC for it>

AFAIK, the first NIC of an x366 can act in dual-mode: as IPMI device,
with its own IP address, and as a normal NIC in Linux, with it own address.
Both have their own MAC address.

> I am tryingo to implement a 6 nodes Cluster using RHEL4 + GFS.
> This NIC must me connected to the same physical network as the private
> network between these nodes to communicate right>
> You I get the some IPMI 101 basics>

When you share the first NIC for IPMI and "normal" use, you need to
use the same switch.  If possible, I'd choose to use this NIC
exclusively for IPMI, connected to a dedicated switch for.

In RHCS, just configure that card as "IPMI Lan", with its IP address,
user and password (all changeable from the x366 BIOS) and "password"
as authentication type.

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