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[Linux-cluster] NFS problem ?

Dear all

I build a small linux cluster. Based on Fedora Core 5 at master node.
Hardware of the nodes and master are identical identicky -
mainborards: Asus M2NPV-MX

During instalation/configuration I did ->>
Step by step :
1. DHCP - working well, give correct IPs to nodes
2. TFTP - file with kernel is loaded to node and boot start
3. NFS - working at master, but during the booting of system I deal
with the problem with mounting NFS rootimage.

I try also SLIM http://slim.cs.hku.hk/vmware/index.html instalation.
Everything is almost same like in my instalation. Everything working
to last screen of instalation guide, but after same error like in my
isnataltion: Error mesage:

Error, fail to mount system image!
It may be due to the network driver fail to load,
NFS server export incorrect or
network failure.

We try many thing to fix it and finaly we find that when we compile
kernel with parameter


It helps a litle bit. We can reach login screen. But during booting we still
have a lot of error messages that system is just readable.

With CD and live distro on node everything work well, I can mount nfs
disk from master.

Thanks for any advice/solution/anything what help. Thank you.

best regards, Skeptik

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