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[Linux-cluster] Re: [Cluster-devel] LVS port translation

What version of piranha are you using?  I have a patch
against piranha-0.8.1 and piranha-0.8.2 that I've been using
in heavy production for about 9 months now.

We just added a "port" value to real server sections in the lvs.cf file, i.e.

virtual server_XYZ {
    address = 123.456.789.1 eth0
    active = 1
    port = 80
    ... (additional options) ...

    server node-X {
        address =
        port = 82
        active = 1
        weight = 1


I can send the patch to the list if you're interested - shouldn't be
too hard to patch against other versions (I haven't looked to see if the
RPMs have been updated lately.)

-Brenton Rothchild

Jordi Prats wrote:
Hi all,
It's possible to configure piranha to allow to define a different port on real servers using NAT?

Using ipvsadm would be:

/sbin/ipvsadm -a -t 123.456.789.1:80 -r -m -w 1

On the current version is not possible, there is any patch to allow this? If there is not, I could do it. Would it be accepted as a contribution on main distribution? Witch roules would I have to follow?


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