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Re: [Linux-cluster] Distributing cluster.conf with <quorumd> tag

Jos Vos wrote:


After manually editting cluster.conf to add a <quorumd> entry, it seems
to be impossible to distribute the config it to the other nodes using
system-config-cluster, because then a new version without the <quorumd>
entry is distributed.

Is there a way to distribute a cluster.conf *with* <quorumd> using ccsd
to all cluster nodes?


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Sorry, Jos - but system-config-cluster support for quorum disk is coming in the next rhel4 cs release and in rhel5 cs. You will have to distribute your conf file by hand. this is done using two helper tools for a DLM cluster.

First you need to run 'ccs_tool update [path to conf file]' with a new incremently higher config_version in the file.

Then you will need to run 'cman_tool -r version [the version number you chose]'

I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.


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