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Re: [Linux-cluster] problems relocating services

On Mon, 2006-10-09 at 08:57 +0200, Jordi Prats wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm attaching to you my services configuration. If I disable a service 
> on node1 and enable it on node2, it succesfully runs on the other node. 
> So, aparently all scripts are installed on both nodes and functional.
> Relocating a service do not appear nothing on the other node's log. So, 
> must be a communications problem. Where can I start to search any 
> problem related to this? Network seems to be ok, and I can do ssh 
> between nodes. Sending pings with mtr -i 0.01 does not loose any packet.
> Thanks,
> Services:
>                 <service autostart="1" domain="projectes" name="projectes">
>                 </service>
>                 <service autostart="1" domain="local" name="local">
>                 </service>
>                 <service autostart="1" domain="mysql" exclusive="1" 
> name="mysql">
>                 </service>
>                 <service autostart="1" domain="postgres" name="postgres">
>                 </service>

* Make sure none of the domains are restricted ("restricted="1""),
unless you really mean it.  This means the service will not run on any
node outside of the failover domain, even if you tell it to!

* Nothing will automatically run on the same node as the mysql service
unless you do manual enable/disable, I think.

-- Lon

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