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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and samba problem, again

sandra-llistes wrote:

Hi Abhi,

Thanks for the reply.
Please, Could you try to play a video clip from four or more windows simultaneously? sometimes with less than tree clients it can work, but for four or more always fails. Could you give more information about your system? is Fedora or RHEL? what OS,samba,GFS version? Any special locking configuration in samba or linux kernel?

I had tested samba with GFS only mounted in one node, and samba hangs likewise, but GFS mounted with no_lock option in node1 works fine.

I download the lastest version for GFS2 and cluster with "cvs -d :pserver:cvs sources redhat com:/cvs/cluster checkout cluster"and I'm trying to make it work in our test environment. I hope this works. I don't know if I had said that we have Fedora 5 and not RHEL installed. I don't know if it can be some differences.

Also, I tried OCFS2 and works ok with this samba configuration, the problem is that doesn't support quotas.


Hi Sandra,
I'm in the process of gathering a few windows boxes to run your test. I should hopefully have 4 windows clients tomorrow. A warning first up, I'd recommend that you *not* use GFS2 and the latest cluster suite for your tests just yet. With constant development going on, some components are unstable and more problems is not what you need right now :-). The RHEL4 tag in CVS has stable code from the most recent release. I'd suggest you compile gfs and the cluster suite from that CVS branch. I'm running a 3-node x86 cluster with RHEL4. The cluster suite and gfs are from the RHEL4 branch of CVS along with some innocuous patches. The samba version is 3.0.10-1.4E.2. I'm using an smb.conf almost identical to the one you posted in your previous mail. I don't have any other kernel/samba locking settings that I'm aware of. You did mention in an email few weeks ago that you were trying to export the same GFS mount over multiple samba servers on multiple nodes simultaneously (active-active samba). I'm guessing you achieved this by setting the locking and pid directories of samba to be on the shared gfs filesystem. (This is a wrong approach and doesn't work. There's a lot of debate on this in the samba and samba-technical list archives are samba.org). I'm wondering if you still have these directories on the GFS filesystem, which could possibly be causing your hang? Also, do you see anything unusual in /var/log/messages on the GFS node when this hang occurs? I'm interested in any kernel-panic/assertion failures in GFS that might indicate some problem.

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