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[Linux-cluster] Re: Multiple Active MySQL instances

On 9/18/06, David Brieck Jr. <dbrieck gmail com> wrote:
I've been trying to find more information about using GFS  and MySQL
to create a simple active-active mysql cluster without the need for
the actual mysql cluster (wouldn't work for our situation).

The only thing I've seen on the mailing list is the following:

It is possible to use mysql on shared storage with enabled external locking
and also disabling the query cache and few other things:

query_cache_size= 0
query_cache_type= 0
delay_key_write = OFF

in mysqld section

this configuration worked for my 10 node cluster .

but other than that no one has posted anything. I also found this press release:

from mysql and redhat that says:

"MySQL and Red Hat plan to test the MySQL database with Red Hat's
Cluster Suite and Global File System (GFS). Red Hat GFS allows a
cluster of MySQL servers to simultaneously read and write data to a
single shared file system on a SAN, achieving high performance and
reducing the complexity and overhead of managing redundant data
copies. With Red Hat Cluster Suite and GFS, MySQL customers can get a
highly available clustered database solution based on all open source

But once again I can't find any follow up to this. Can anyone give me
a hand? I'd want to run 3 active mysql servers at least on one set of
data shared with GFS.


Is anyone able to help me find more information on this?

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