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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: Multiple Active MySQL instances

David Brieck Jr. wrote:
On 9/18/06, David Brieck Jr. <dbrieck gmail com> wrote:
I've been trying to find more information about using GFS  and MySQL
to create a simple active-active mysql cluster without the need for
the actual mysql cluster (wouldn't work for our situation).

The only thing I've seen on the mailing list is the following:

It is possible to use mysql on shared storage with enabled external locking
and also disabling the query cache and few other things:

query_cache_size= 0
query_cache_type= 0
delay_key_write = OFF

I too found this, and tried it. It worked well, except for the HUGE problem (in my case) that it only works for MyISAM tables.

Additionally, I didn't test it all that well, as it was unsuitable otherwise.

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