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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVM error 6 nodes


I'm glad that you have all the data to make the Cluster Projetc FAQ's cluster.conf tags section complete.

I would love to have something to cooperate in this project, but I'm still a newbie in this subject and
the Cluster Project FAQ helped me a LOT, and I use it as a reference...

Are you sure that here is no clvm=0 on the clusternode tag of the cluster.conf file?
Or is there a way to setup the lock servers to not access the shared LUNs ?

I didn't quite understand why yhe lock servers need access to the shared LUNs... can't the locks be managed through network?

Thank you,

Filipe Miranda

On 10/14/06, Jim Parsons <jparsons redhat com> wrote:
Filipe Miranda wrote:

> You are right Jim,
> It's clvm=0, not clvmd=0!!
> I wish I could have a document that has all the possible tags, options
> that I could use on cluster.conf.. .
> I Found one on the Cluster Projetc, but I think its not complete...

That doc went up less than a week ago - I would love to finsh the
resource tag section (I have all of the data - it just needs formatting)
but with beta2 looming, it must wait.

I would be DELIGHTED to accept your patches for the document, though! It
is in the sources CVS under cluster/doc   : )


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