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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVM error 6 nodes

After a lot of reading, the reason the lock servers should access the shared storage is because of CLVM.
CLVM should be running on all nodes and all nodes part of the quorum should have access to the shared storage.
I'm not sure if it is possible to exclude the lock servers from accessing the shared storage and letting them manage the locks through network as it was done on GFS 6.0.

Filipe Miranda

On 10/14/06, Filipe Miranda <filipe miranda gmail com> wrote:

I'm glad that you have all the data to make the Cluster Projetc FAQ's cluster.conf tags section complete.

I would love to have something to cooperate in this project, but I'm still a newbie in this subject and
the Cluster Project FAQ helped me a LOT, and I use it as a reference...

Are you sure that here is no clvm=0 on the clusternode tag of the cluster.conf file?
Or is there a way to setup the lock servers to not access the shared LUNs ?

I didn't quite understand why yhe lock servers need access to the shared LUNs... can't the locks be managed through network?

Thank you,

Filipe Miranda

On 10/14/06, Jim Parsons <jparsons redhat com> wrote:
Filipe Miranda wrote:

> You are right Jim,
> It's clvm=0, not clvmd=0!!
> I wish I could have a document that has all the possible tags, options
> that I could use on cluster.conf .. .
> I Found one on the Cluster Projetc, but I think its not complete...

That doc went up less than a week ago - I would love to finsh the
resource tag section (I have all of the data - it just needs formatting)
but with beta2 looming, it must wait.

I would be DELIGHTED to accept your patches for the document, though! It
is in the sources CVS under cluster/doc   : )


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