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Re: [Linux-cluster] Updating cluster.conf

> You could scp the cluster.conf to the member machines.  Make sure you are
> updating the version number in your cluster.conf.  If you can use the old
> cluster.conf, you could then use system-config-cluster to update your
> cluster configuration which will propogate the new file for you.  Make
> sure you inspect /var/log/messages .. it can be very helpful.  Make sure
> that no new iptables firewall rules could be getting in your way.

Yes, I've been doing all of these things and every time I find solutions that 
seem to be related, I still don't have the answer.

[root cweb92 etc]# ccs_test connect
ccs_connect failed: Connection refused

Nothing much in the log other than;
Oct 20 11:35:28 cweb92 ccsd[5369]: Error while processing connect: Connection 
Oct 20 11:35:46 cweb92 ccsd[5369]: Unable to connect to cluster infrastructure 
after 210 seconds.


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