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Re: [Linux-cluster] FC Fabric and GFS

--- "isplist logicore net" <isplist logicore net>

> Is there some weird problem with McData FC switched
> and GFS? I finally got my 
> cluster working (***finally***) and now I can't see
> any of the storage.
> Please, ANY help in trying to get my storage seen
> from GFS would be wonderful. 
> If I'm on the wrong list, perhaps you can point me
> to another one.

first, the linux system (kernel) needs to see somehow,
and create the devices (plurar because you may have
several path to reach each LUN created in the san)

second, if you have several path you will need to
"join" those path into one path and create a "virtual"
device  who represent the real-only one LUN :-) ,
maybe dm-multipath is ok with you or you can pay for

finally, you will be able to create the GFS filesystem
in the "virtual" device.

so, do your linux kernel see the LUN ?


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