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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem starting cluster

>> I'm not seeing any of these...
> of what?

Sorry, I meant I'm not finding any of the specific things you mentioned.

> node is being reject by cman that IS another node that is rejecting that
> node and it WILL tell syslog why (unless you have kernel logging switched 

> - mismatching cluster.conf version numbers
> - mismatch cluster names
> - mismatch cluster number (a hash of the name)
> - node has the wrong node ID (ie it joined with the same
> name and a different node ID or vice versa)
> - protocol version differs (or other software mismatch - there are several
> error messages for these but they boil down to the same thing)

Right, what I meant was that none of these things seemed to be the reason. I 
was not able to find the reasons. I shut down every machine in the cluster and 
started one back up, one at a time, unblocked three of 8 to get them all up 
and running again and since then, the cluster has been fine. I'm stumped since 
I didn't find any anomalies between cluster.conf files and other things 

> Something else you might like to try is changing the port number that this
> cluster is using, or changing the cluster name to something totally
> different.

Yes, I had also tried this, not the port number but the name.
The cluster is back now, it was related to rejections somewhere but I was not 
able to find where. Now I need to figure out why I can't see the FC fabric.


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