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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing Hardware

On 10/24/06, isplist logicore net <isplist logicore net> wrote:
> Is there a reason you're not considering power fencing? We use APC
> switched PDUs for our fence device and they work beautifully.

No, I'll consider anything that's not too costly up front, that allows growth
and that's fairly easy to work with.


We buy all our hardware through dell so you might be able to find
better prices than those listed here, but any of the APC Switched PDUs
will work for you. Of course you need to make sure they fit into your
data center's power grid as appropriate, but you can pickup a 24 port
PDU for between $600 and $700 depending on your power setup.


We have dual power supples in all our servers so we use two ports per
server since the rack is on two different circuits, but if you used
the Y cable and weren't worried about that level of redundancy then 24
ports would go a long way.

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