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[Linux-cluster] Cluster vs Distributed?

I'm wondering if I'm missing the full potential of what GFS/clustering could 
do for me so figure I'll ask.

I decided to start learning about GFS/Clusters because I really wanted a good 
way of running a distributed environment for some Internet based services.

For example, I'm using GFS and remote storage to provide central areas for 
multiple web, mail and other servers to get/store/share their data. So, each 
server has it's own small drive and OS but each server shares central areas 
for it's services, be it web, mail, etc. If one server goes down, there are 
others there to keep going based on a front end of load balancers. 

Of course, if a machine needs rebuilding, then it's a full rebuild, then copy 
what I need, make it what it's supposed to be and stick it back into the 
cluster. Each server shares it's data with the others.

Now on the other hand, the clustering I think the Linux LVS (is that what it's 
called?) would give me a single single image type cluster would it not? I 
mean, each node would be a part of a single system, just keep adding nodes to 
expand the system and performance.

Which is best then? It seems each does similar things with it's own pluses and 
minuses. Is my use of the GFS clustering a good use or am I missing serious 


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