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Re: [Linux-cluster] Again DLM messages and high load

Bas van der Vlies wrote:
WE are using:
 GFS         : CVS 1.0.3 stable
 kernel      :
 NFS-daemons : 128
 GFS-servers   : 5

This node was the master and when this message was displayed, the load will rise to the number of NFS daemons and nfs does not work more. We had to reboot the node:
 Oct 25 03:12:31 ifs4 kernel: dlm: lisa_vg5_lv1: cancel reply ret 0
Oct 25 03:12:31 ifs4 kernel: lock_dlm: unlock sb_status 0 2,a45325d flags 0 Oct 25 03:12:31 ifs4 kernel: dlm: lisa_vg5_lv1: process_lockqueue_reply id a50a027c state 0

I had to reboot the master node (ifs4) when the node went down the other nodes re-elected another master. 3 nodes use the same master and on one node has another master. Is this oke?:

node 1,2,4
Fence Domain:    "default" 1   2 run       - [5 2 1 3 4]

node 3:
Fence Domain:    "default" 1   2 run       - [2 5 1 3 4]

cman_tool nodes is the same for all nodes.


good day Bas

We had the EXACT same symptom (load average rising to number of NFSDs, NFS then becomes unresponsive - these processes actually become defunct), happening about 2x a week.

We have had a service request open with Red Hat for the past 3 months. Our biggest problem was with regards to capturing the sysrq T output, which we could not provide (since the problem always surfaced so quickly, and being a production server, our biggest concern was getting the service up, rather than capture debugging info) and therefore could not take the issue further.

We still had this problem with the DLM/GFS kernel modules accompanying kernel 2.6.9-42.0.EL

We loaded the DLM/GFS kernel modules accompanying kernel 2.6.9-42.0.2.EL:
a week and a half ago, and since then we have not seen this or two other problem symptoms.

The bugzilla entry we were tracking (some assertion failures):
it was the only significant change between kernel modules for 42.EL and 42.0.2.EL .
The DLM errata is in http://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHBA-2006-0702.html

I am not sure how these versions map to the CVS versions, or if our NFSD problem is indeed solved. However, it has never stayed away this long.

If our NFS problem does occur again, I will let you know.

fn:Riaan van Niekerk
n:van Niekerk;Riaan
org:Obsidian Systems;Obsidian Red Hat Consulting
email;internet:riaan obsidian co za
title:Systems Architect
tel;work:+27 11 792 6500
tel;fax:+27 11 792 6522
tel;cell:+27 82 921 8768

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