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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster vs Distributed? & MySQL Cluster?

Hi Mike,

> Well, like anyone, I just want to use my servers in a better manner. Rather
> than constantly having to upgrade, I prefer the idea of just adding a node
> or more when needed. I have a large number of blade servers (left over from
> a kaput ISP) and so have been using those.

You could create a gfs based diskless shared root cluster. That means, all 
nodes are booting from the same shared storage boot device and share the same 
root device. That'll give you a filesystem based ssi and the flexibility you 
> As such, I've created multiple clusters which all share GFS filesystems. I
> have web, mail, mysql clusters which all share data. I've written basic
> scripts to allow for the various needs of the different machines.

To achieve the maximum flexibility, you could create one physical cluster that 
hosts different shared root devices which can be used as shared root devices 
for different "sub" - clusters (web, mail, mysql).
> Things seem to work well but I'm just wondering if I'm missing more of the
> potential of the Linux Cluster.

have a look at http://www.open-sharedroot.org
and http://www.redhat.com/magazine/021jul06/features/gfs_update/


Gruss / Regards,

Dipl.-Ing. Mark Hlawatschek

ATIX - Ges. fuer Informationstechnologie und Consulting mbH
Einsteinstr. 10 - 85716 Unterschleissheim - Germany

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