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RE: [Linux-cluster] Multiple Roots

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> Subject: [Linux-cluster] Multiple Roots
> This might be a long shot but... is there a way of taking a 
> single GFS filesystem and creating multiple roots that only 
> certain machines in the cluster will see?
> I'm almost sure I read somewhere that there is a way to do 
> this. The reason is, 
> I keep having to separate my storage up and I would much 
> rather maintain one large storage array (contiguous) and dole 
> out the space as needed to the various applications. 
> That is an inherent part of fibre channel storage which is 
> what I'm using so assume it can be done with GFS.
> If I didn't explain some part correctly, by all means, just ask.
> Thanks much for any input on this.
> Mike
I think you might want cdsl's (context dependent symlinks). Have you worked
with these before?   Like:
Move /etc to /a_node_name/etc and replace /etc with a symlink: 

ln -s /@hostname/etc /etc

Then every node will insert it's hostname into the path and go to the right
place for /etc.   


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