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RE: [Linux-cluster] Multiple Roots

>> This might be a long shot but... is there a way of taking a
>> single GFS filesystem and creating multiple roots that only
>> certain machines in the cluster will see?

> I think you might want cdsl's (context dependent symlinks). Have you worked
> with these before?   Like:
> Move /etc to /a_node_name/etc and replace /etc with a symlink:

No, I had not looked at this yet. It's only for the nodes data, not so much 
the OS since I'll be looking at shared root nodes in the near future. 

While I'm putting all this together though, I started wondering what might be 
the best way of dealing with storage.

I can create one large volume group and keep adding/removing space as needed 
with one shared root for everything (or the above idea possibly) or create 
multiple volume groups and individual logical volumes for the various needs 
I'll have. 
What I'm saying is, it's not clear to me what the best way of dealing with 
storage is just yet, so that I can fail over the nodes, move storage around, 


> ln -s /@hostname/etc /etc
> Then every node will insert it's hostname into the path and go to the right
> place for /etc.
> Chris
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