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Re: [Linux-cluster] Samba share resource fails to start after upgrade to Cluster Suite 4U4

On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 23:16 +0200, Cosimo Streppone wrote:

> Here it is, assuming you're talking about cluster.conf.

Yeah, that's it.

> Now smb share has been temporarily excluded from service because
> of these problems.
> Before that, I "attached" it as a "shared resource" to my service.

> 		<resources>
> 			<ip address="" monitor_link="1"/>
> 			<fs device="/dev/mapper/mpath0p1" force_fsck="0" force_unmount="0" fsid="4275" fstype="ext2" mountpoint="/mnt/san" name="Slim2k disk" options="noatime,nodiratime" self_fence="1"/>
> 			<smb name="//share/exportdb" workgroup="WORKGROUP"/>

The share name should not contain any slashes.  With a valid name, the
<smb> resource agent generates a brain-dead example configuration for
use as something for the administrator to build on.

Ok, so, "exportdb" or something would be a better name.  Using that,
given the rest your service configuration, the agent will generate an
*example* configuration with two properties:

(1) An export called:


... which enables /mnt/san to be visible by others.

(2) That listens only on the IP address.

Now, if you edit the configuration file after it is generated by the
cluster (which is fully expected; it's just a template), the <smb> agent
will *not* overwrite your changes.

(3) with workgroup as specified ("WORKGROUP" in your configuration)

If you already have a Samba configuration file that works for you, you
can use it by doing one of the following two things:

(a) Use the <script> facility:

> 			<script file="/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb" name="Samba"/>

^^ e.g. that one

(b) Or, you can rename the configuration file you wish to use
to /etc/samba/smb.conf.<name> and reference it in cluster.conf using:

   <smb name="<name>" />

(The "workgroup" parameter of the <smb> resource is ignored if the
configuration is not generated by the cluster, so whatever is in your
smb.conf.<name> will be used; same goes for netbios name.)

If you go this route, make sure you create appropriate "listen",
"netbios name", and "workgroup" samba properties.

Using both <smb> and <script ... "/etc/init.d/smb" /> probably won't
work ;)  so you should pick one or the other.

-- Lon

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