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Re: [Linux-cluster] is necesary to to build GFS on top of LVM ?

I have an iscsi scan that would not work with out LVM.  As with your EMC SAN I can expand a volume and expand a GFS file system within it.  Where I get into trouble is identifying the volumes after a reboot.  What was /dev/sdb may be /dev/sdc next time.  LVM allows you to name your volumes and helps to track them down when the system is restarted.  There are similar problems when SCSI ID numbers get swapped around.


On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 12:16 -0700, Roger Peña Escobio wrote:

I was wondering why in the docs and examples the GFS
filesystem is build on top of a lv "partition" ?
I can understand that if I build the GFS in a direct
scsi attached storage because is not easy to grow the
"device" without destroy the data but the same apply
in an SAN enviroment?
We have here a EMC SAN, where is relative easy to grow
a LUN, so can we skip the LVM layer and build the GFS
filesystem directly over the emcpower device ? 

there is any advantage of using LVM in this scenario?

thanks in advance

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