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Re: [Linux-cluster] is necesary to to build GFS on top of LVM ?

--- "Matthew B. Brookover" <mbrookov mines edu> wrote:

> I have an iscsi scan that would not work with out
> LVM.  As with your EMC
> SAN I can expand a volume and expand a GFS file
> system within it.  Where
> I get into trouble is identifying the volumes after
> a reboot.  What
> was /dev/sdb may be /dev/sdc next time.  LVM allows
> you to name your
> volumes and helps to track them down when the system
> is restarted.
> There are similar problems when SCSI ID numbers get
> swapped around.
yes, I know what you mean
I was looking for something like ext{2,3} label for
the filesystem but I could'n find anything for gfs :-(

so I am hopping that PowerPath kernel module always
identify the LUN with the same emcpower device :-)
if that is not true I will be forced to move to LVM
under GFS :-)


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