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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and (missing) filesystem labels

Jos Vos wrote:

It seems that you can not add a filesystem label to a GFS filesystem.

Especially when using iSCSI, it would be handy to have a method to be
sure that you mount the right SCSI device, in case the device name
has changed due to a failure of another (i)SCSI device.

Is there a good solution for this?


hi Jos

a) use LVM. it does not care what the underlying physical volume names are, it will do the "right thing" w.r.t. volume groups and logical volumes names b) your multipathing solution (e.g. EMC PowerPath with its persistent mapping functionality of paths to for example /dev/emcpowera1) might also solve this problem, if you want to avoid using LVM.

note - on SANs with multiple paths to the same LUN/partition, using labels to mount does not work (you will get an error message about duplicate labels), which is probably why the functionality is not there to begin with, and probably will not be either.

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