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[Linux-cluster] RHEL5 cluster problem...

Title: RHEL5 cluster problem...

Good morning..

Some oddness regarding clusterring on RHEL5beta1 (could be me)

I have a two node cluster and the cluster components installed.
I have two nics in each node, the second of which I want to use for openais.

I have my cluster.conf pointing to the primary nic and I have openais pointing to (my second nics are on and 2)

Things seem to start ok on both nodes but they don't appear to be talking to eachother.
For instance, clustat on the first node shows both nodes active even if node2 is down.

Actually, openais seems to be doing fine, but cman looks to be acting up.

This config was created using s-c-cluster and indeed it looks good. Am I missing some
new fundemental thing with the new cluster versions?

I've been running RHCS/GFS on RHEL3 and RHEL4 for some time now but this is my first
attempt at the new (openais based) clusterring.

Any thoughts?


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