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Re: [Linux-cluster] Web based manager?

isplist logicore net wrote:

The system-config-cluster application supports brocade fencing. It is a

How I WISH there was a web browser based management app out there. Wish I knew how to write one, I would have been working on it long ago :).
Then I could run it one node and have access to that from aywhere.


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Coming in RHEL5 and RHEL4U5: Conga - A web-based remote administration capability that makes previously tedious tasks such as creating a cluster or adding a new node as simple as a few mouse clicks. Remote storage administration (partitioning, LVM, FS creation, etc...), clustered Xen VMs, diagnostic capabilities such as node fencing, cluster restart with one button click, and remote log filtering/viewing are also part of the package.



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