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[Linux-cluster] Fencing with SUN X4100



Does somebody has any experience with fencing of SUN X4100 machines ? They use the Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager. For example I just tried to remotely reboot the system using the following command:


            fence_ilo -a server_con -l loginname -v -p my_passwort –o reboot


where “server_con” is the management console of the server I want to reboot. Put I just get something like


ssl module: Net::SSL

opening connection to server_con:443

SEND: <?xml version="1.0"?>

READ:(29,1) HTTP/1.1 400 Page not found

READ:(33,1) Server: Sun-ILOM-Web-Server/1.0

READ:(32,1) Date: Tue Sep 13 19:54:37 2005

READ:(43,1) Pragma: no-cache

Cache-Control: no-cache

READ:(25,1) Content-Type: text/html


READ:(168,1) <html><head><title>Document Error: Page not found</title></head>

                   <body><h2>Access Error: Page not found</h2>

                   <p>Bad request type</p></body></html>


unable to detect RIBCL version



back. Any idea where I did wrong ?


Of course I want to let the fence daemon do the job at a later time. Maybe somebody already has a working cluster.conf file (with the appropriate fencing section).






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