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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing with SUN X4100


> > Does somebody has any experience with fencing of SUN X4100 machines ?

> a fence agent for Sun's management controller as of yet.  We would be
> more than willing get one in the source base if one were developed.

It is not necessary to develop a fencing agent for SUN. Just use the ipmi 
agent, it works, as SUN supports IPMI 2.0 on the X4x00.

How to do it:

Create a user for fencing through the SUN Remote Service Board Web Management, 
give this user full rights.

Install if not already done: OpenIPMI and OpenIPMI-tools

Test the fencing with the following command:

fence_ipmilan -l username -p password -a IPAddresse-management -o status -v

This should give you back something like:

Getting status of IPMI: '/usr/bin/ipmitool -I lan -H 
IPaddress -U username -P password -v chassis power status'...
Chassis power = On

For SUN Fire V40Z servers fencing will also work with IPMI, but it is a little 
bit different, as it only support IPMI 1.5:

Log in through ssh to the Remote Service board, enable ipmi:

ipmi enable channel lan

(uhh, you should give ipmi a password, but don't ask how, look into the 

The fencing command looks like the following:

fence_ipmilan -p password -a IPAddresse-management -o status -v

Note that there is no Username!


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