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Re: [Linux-cluster] Things that i don't understand about cluster suite

Lon Hohberger wrote:
On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 10:23 +0200, carlopmart wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry for this toppic, but i have serious doubts about using cluster suite under some deployments. My questions:

a) How can I configure status check on a service script? for exmaple: I have two nodes with CS U4 with postfix service running on two nodes and using DLM as a lock manager. If I stop postfix from the script and I wait status check, nothing happens and rgmanager returns an ok for the service, but this service is stopped !!!.

The status check in the postfix script must return nonzero if the
service is stopped.

Lon, I use original's postfix script and returns this if postfix is up: "master (pid 957) is running..." when postfix isn't up, script returns: "master is stopped". Do I need to change this message to "0" for status check works ok??

b) is it posible to startup only one node on a two-node cluster? i have tested this feature, but this node doesn't startup ( i am using iLO as a fencing method, but I have tested gnbd too and the result is the same).

Yes, but the other node must be fenced first.

Then, I can't startup only one node, when both are stopped, right??

c) why relocate service doesn't works?? I have attached my config. For example, if I reboot one node, all services go to the second. This is ok, but when this primary node is up, services continue getting up in the previous node and they don't migrate towards the other node.

Kill the 'exclusive' attribute.  It doesn't do what you think it does
(and is probably the source of your problem).
Thanks, now works ok.

-- Lon

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