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[Linux-cluster] Problem with loadbalancer



I just started learning how to do loadbalancing using LVS and piranha. As an example I wanted to have a loadbalancer running in front of one webserver (testing). I want to use direct routing. The IP of the loadbalancer is e.g. the one of the webserver is (web01) and the VIP is Here is the lvs.cf file I created with the aid of piranha_gui:


serial_no = 67

primary =

service = lvs

backup_active = 0

backup =

heartbeat = 1

heartbeat_port = 539

keepalive = 6

deadtime = 18

network = direct

debug_level = NONE

monitor_links = 0

virtual webserver {

     active = 1

     address = eth0:1

     vip_nmask =

     port = 80

     send = "GET / HTTP/1.0rnrn"

     expect = "HTTP"

     use_regex = 0

     load_monitor = ruptime

     scheduler = wlc

     protocol = tcp

     timeout = 6

     reentry = 15

     quiesce_server = 1

     server web01 {

         address =

         active = 1

         weight = 1




-          The webservice on web01 is running correctly.

-          I can ping the VIP

-          The output of “/sbin/ip addr” looks fine: the interface eth0 has the rigth secondary IP.

-          If I run “tcpdump host web01” I see that there is some communication (eg a “GET / HTTP/1.0”) between the loadbalancer and web01.

-          The output of “/sbin/sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward” is “net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1”.


But if I try to connect to the VIP on port 80 I get a “connection refused”. Something is wrong but what? In the /var/log/messages I have a lot of the following lines:


Sep 24 00:09:35 loadbalancer nanny[3925]: READ to timed out

Sep 24 00:09:47 loadbalancer nanny[3925]: READ to timed out


Some idea where I have to look for to solve the problem?


By the way: how can I increase the debuglevel? As far as I have seen it is not possible with GUI.


Thanks’ in advance





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