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Re: [Linux-cluster] Files are there, but not.

Jaap Dijkshoorn wrote:

Just to be complete. We see the problems occure on one of our GFS
fileservers that is acting as a NFS fileserver. So on both server and
clients connected to that GFS/NFS server, the files are missing. On the
other GFS/NFS fileservers and clients connected to those servers the
files are still available.

So the same ls command on fileserver 2,3,4,5 gives a normal view of all
the files.

Hi Jaap,

Your problem may very well be the same as bugzilla bz 190756:

I've been trying unsuccessfully to recreate this problem at RHEL4U4.
I need to reproduce the problem in our lab in order to debug the problem.
I suspect that NFS changes make in U4 may have changed the timing
to make the problem much less likely to occur.  I may need to go back
to U3 to recreate it.

If you can give me any information that can help me reproduce the
problem, I would be grateful.

Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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