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RE: [Linux-cluster] When to use more than one cluster?

The only other point I should make is that all machines in dependant on each 
other since each component is required in order to make up the site. So, if 
MySQL servers/cluster goes down, nothing else works anyhow. 

Good point of your part of course.


> at the beginning of our planning we also think so , but when you have a
> Cluster problem ( like now, the rgmanager in RHEL4 u4 ) then the hole
> cluster have problem and maybe crash or freeze. I would recommend you,
> NOT to make only one Cluster.
> Mike
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> Subject: [Linux-cluster] When to use more than one cluster?
> Currently, all nodes, no matter what they are doing are all part of one
> single cluster. So, even though they aren't sharing services or storage,
> they are all part of the same cluster.
> I could have one cluster for web servers and their storage, one for mail
> servers, one cluster for sql servers, etc.
> Am I complicating things for myself by having one single cluster. Which
> would be best in my case, multiple clusters or one single cluster?
> I do see this as an easier method by which to grow in the future and
> right now, things get complex when it comes to turning certain servers
> on and off, changing the count of servers thereby sometimes causing the
> cluster not to boot until I change the config file.
> Any thoughts or input would be very appreciated and I'm sure be of help
> to some others as well.
> Thanks.
> Mike

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