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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fenced node never reboots properly


The only thing I changed is the line

my $powerop_mode = VM_POWEROP_MODE_HARD

instead of 'soft'. The machine is now correctly power-cycled and comes back online.

The last issue I am still struggling with is the fact that the heartbeat sometimes stops. In answer to a previous post: vmware-tools are installed and running.

Based upon further investigation I must now conclude that the ESX-layer cannot throttle the VCPU up in time - the test-machines are mainly idle and VMWare (correctly) drops the amount of CPU-cycles allocated to this machine. When some process now suddenly needs more CPU power the machine 'chokes' - the 'virtual' load suddenly peaks and the heartbeat just doesn't execute (for example, we see fencing occur when the nightly cron jobs execute). I've tried renicing the cman_hbeat process but this also does not prove effective. I'm aware that setting a larger post-fail delay may solve the problem, but I'd prefer this value to be 0 in case of a real failure.


Lon Hohberger wrote:
On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 09:35:16AM +0200, Jeroen van den Horn wrote:
It's ESX - it runs on HP blades (AMD). Guest OSes are all 32-bit.
In response to Lon's suggestion I modified the fence_vmware code and set the type of reset to HARD - cluster node now resets properly. Remaining issue is that under VMWare we are still experiencing performance issues. It's as if a node in the cluster starts 'lagging behind' (also the system clock starts drifting) and that after some time one of the nodes declares the other dead.

Do you have a patch or the new fence agent?  I'd like the change so I
can commit it to CVS.  Soft-reboot is *definitely* wrong; other problems

-- Lon

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