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Re: [Linux-cluster] Making a cloned clustered VG mountable on abackup media server?

I believe I found my answer to question #1, although I would welcome any suggestions on improving this process:

First, scp /etc/lvm/backup/VGWATSON (the origin VG that was cloned) to the backup media server (intermezzo).  Also get its PV uuid:

# pvscan -u | grep VGWATSON
  PV /dev/sdae1        with UUID ZRcfam-06Ay-Ddby-f9lM-Pdkt-Pzqn-f0AB2T VG VGWATSON     lvm2 [420.00 GB / 92.50 GB free]

Then execute the following on the backup media server (intermezzo):

# parted /dev/sdz set 1 lvm on

This activates its partition table and /dev/sdz1 becomes available.  I will need to add to my script the whereabouts of this device, as it may 'walk' from a reboot, i.e., use powermt display dev=all and search for its CLARiiON ID.

# pvcreate --restorefile ./VGWATSON --uuid ZRcfam-06Ay-Ddby-f9lM-Pdkt-Pzqn-f0AB2T /dev/sdz1
# vgchange -a y /dev/VGWATSON-CLONE

On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 12:52 -0400, rhurst bidmc harvard edu wrote:
I am having problems making a clustered VG visible on a backup media server.

The originating RHEL cluster issues the CLARiiON cloning process, and it completes successfully, to another volume.  That clone volume LUN is visible to the backup media server (outside of the cluster) only.

Q1: What do I need to do on the backup media server's LVM to activate this newly-made VG?  vgscan --mknodes is not helping any, but I do see some SCSI references, i.e., /dev/sdz to its 420GB sized disk.  Is there a safe way to vgexport / vgimport the original VG map to this server?

Q2: I loaded GFS software on the backup media server, so do I need to modify the VG's lvols superblock to a changed PROTO value of nolock to make it mountable for backup?


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