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Re: [Linux-cluster] configuring GFS2

Hi Nathan,

I don't remember if anyone replied yet, so I apologize if this is redundant.

Nathan J Dragun wrote:
1.  What -exactly- is the process necessary for setting up gfs2.  I'm confused because there are so many 'pieces' to this, I feel like I've lost my way?
    - To give a little background, I'm using an iSCSI target which allows any machine to make the SAN device a local scsi device on the system.  Ex: /dev/sdb   (This in turn allows direct block access, and I can do whatever with it; as if it were literally a system disk.)  I've read something about needing to set up fencing, cluster information, and .... ??  I'm lost. lol
    - I set up a partition with dlm compiled into the kernel (, and apparently I can only mount when using no_lock, dlm gives me a resource error (I'm assuming this has to do with no cluster information being set, or anything else configured).

Perhaps you should take a look at my "Unofficial NFS/GFS Cookbook" that goes through every step:

2.  Is there a way to grow a gfs2 partition at the moment?  I see something for gfs1, yet no binaries, source, or references to a command except via this web page which outlines the command: http://www.die.net/doc/linux/man/man8/gfs2_grow.8.html

My bad.  This was an oversight.  I'm putting the final touches on a new gfs2_grow command right now.  I'm tracking it here:

3. Quota.  Fortunately this is one of the last things I have to worry about on the chain of events that need to unfold.  I have not done much research on this last part as a result.  Does gfs's quota work like the quota system that .... well, I don't know if you want to call it a default, or generic, quota system .. or what?

I think the GFS quota stuff is pretty much the same as any, but like you, I haven't dug into it enough to know for sure.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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