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Re: [Linux-cluster] delete node

Scott McClanahan wrote:
> Hello, we are running CentOS 4.3 and the latest cluster suite packages
> from the csgfs yum repository for this release and need to delete a
> cluster member.  According to the documentation we need to restart all
> cluster related services on all remaining nodes in the cluster after the
> node has been removed.  This is a four node cluster so removing one node
> obviously degrades the cluster to three nodes, but we can have the
> remaining cluster members recalculate the number of votes to remain
> quorate.  It still surprises me that we have to bring down the entire
> cluster just because we are deleting a node.  Any feedback as to why
> this might be?

You only need to reboot the whole cluster if you want to remove all trace of the
node from /proc/cluster/nodes. If you're not bothered about that them just
remove with "cman_tool leave remove" and forget about it.


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