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Re: [Linux-cluster] delete node

On Tue, 2007-04-10 at 03:37 -0400, Patrick Caulfield wrote:
> Scott McClanahan wrote:
> > Hello, we are running CentOS 4.3 and the latest cluster suite
> packages
> > from the csgfs yum repository for this release and need to delete a
> > cluster member.  According to the documentation we need to restart
> all
> > cluster related services on all remaining nodes in the cluster after
> the
> > node has been removed.  This is a four node cluster so removing one
> node
> > obviously degrades the cluster to three nodes, but we can have the
> > remaining cluster members recalculate the number of votes to remain
> > quorate.  It still surprises me that we have to bring down the
> entire
> > cluster just because we are deleting a node.  Any feedback as to why
> > this might be?
> >
> You only need to reboot the whole cluster if you want to remove all
> trace of the
> node from /proc/cluster/nodes. If you're not bothered about that them
> just
> remove with "cman_tool leave remove" and forget about it.
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Ok, thanks for the answer.  To further elaborate my concern, if I want
to rebuild an existing cluster member and reintroduce it to the cluster
how do you suspect the cluster would handle that.  What would be the
best way to rebuild an existing cluster member.  Other than the traces
of node details in /proc/cluster/nodes is there any kind of state kept
locally on these cluster nodes that would cause issues if I rebuild the
node and attempt to transparently add it back to the cluster.

Would I need to delete the cluster member from the cluster config using
the proper utilities and then add it again?

Could I avoid having to delete the cluster member at all from the
cluster and simply rebuild/reintroduce?

Why?  :)

Thanks so much.
Scott McClanahan <scott mcclanahan trnswrks com>

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