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[Linux-cluster] RE: Veritas Cluster Suite VS Redhat CLuster Suite

I am also interested to see any existing comparison between these two

I am specifically interested in the performance of their cluster
mirrored volumes.
Here below is some performance test data I collected. (take it at your
own risk)

The VERITAS test configuration include two nodes cluster, a VG (Volume
Group) which consists of two physical disks,
and two LV (logical volumes) from this VG. One LV with cluster-striped
attributes, the other LV
with cluster-mirrored attributes. The IOMETER (sequential IO) IOPS data

IOsize			512B		4K		16K
Striped-read		20383		33845		12381
Mirrored-read		22711		33934		11769

Striped-write		10820		16711		8299
Mirrored-write		9626		9283		4428

The VERITAS test data looks as expected to me, for example, some
expected overhead for mirrored write,
and in general the IOPS number looks normal to me.

The RedHat cluster also include two nodes cluster. Two VGs, one VG is
local and the other VG with cluster property.
Each VG has three disks, and two LVs, the striped LV and the mirrored
LV. Its IOMETER (sequential IO) data follows:

IOsize				512B		4K		16K
Local-Striped-read		9070		7717		3795
cluster-Striped-read		9180		7751		4686
Local-mirrored-read		8724		7506		4922
cluster-Mirrored-read		 331		 332		 332
332  <<<< why ?

Local-Striped-write		3711		3404		2626
Local-Mirrored-write		 331		 331		 331
329  <<<  why ?

Does anyone know why the significant "read IO" performance degradation
on cluster-mirrored LV,
and the write IO drop on local-mirrored LV ? 

The RedHat component versions are:
[root linux-cluster1 sbin]# ccs_tool  -V
ccs_tool DEVEL.1170370189 (built Feb 21 2007 15:11:13)
Copyright (C) Red Hat, Inc.  2004  All rights reserved.
[root linux-cluster1 sbin]# cman_tool version
5.0.1 config 20
[root linux-cluster1 sbin]# lvm version
    Logging initialised at Wed Apr 11 10:46:29 2007
    Set umask to 0077
  WARNING: Ignoring duplicate config node: library_dir (seeking
    Loaded external locking library liblvm2clusterlock.so
  LVM version:     2.02.18-cvs (2007-01-11)
  Library version: 1.02.14-cvs (2007-01-07)
  Driver version:  4.5.0
    Wiping internal VG cache

Is there a fix to the mirrored-LV performance in newer releases ?


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I'm about to start an exhaustive study on the Veritas Cluster Suite and
the Redhat Cluster Suite  in order to compare their functionalities and
their performances The objective of this comparison is to determine our
future production Cluster environment.

As I don"t want to reinvent the wheel, are you aware  of any existing
study about this subject  ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



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