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[Linux-cluster] Re: rgmanager or clustat problem

It seems that rgmanager is failing to report because it is busy.  Since I am running 20 to 25 services on each node, perhaps I can increase the poll interval from 30 seconds to one minute in /usr/share/cluster/script.sh.
Maybe the cluster suite is not properly configured for so many services on each node.
        <action name="start" timeout="0"/>
        <action name="stop" timeout="0"/>

        <!-- This is just a wrapper for LSB init scripts, so monitor
             and status can't have a timeout, nor do they do any extra
             work regardless of the depth -->
        <action name="status" interval="30s" timeout="0"/>
        <action name="monitor" interval="30s" timeout="0"/>

        <action name="meta-data" timeout="0"/>
        <action name="verify-all" timeout="0"/>

Do you think that this might help clustat to report?
Thank you for your help.

On 4/9/07, David M <diggercheer gmail com> wrote:
I am running a four node GFS cluster with about 20 services per node.  All four nodes belong to the same failover domain, and they each have a priority of 1.  My shared storage is an iSCSI SAN.
After rgmanager has been running for a couple of days, clustat produces the following result on all four nodes:

Timed out waiting for a response from Resource Group Manager
Member Status: Quorate

  Member Name                              Status
  ------ ----                              ------
  node01           Online, rgmanager
  node02           Online, Local, rgmanager
  node03           Online, rgmanager
  node04           Online, rgmanager

I also get a time out when I try to determine the status of a particular service with "clustat -s servicename".

All of the services seem to be up and running, but clustat does not work.  Is there something wrong?  Is there a way for me to increase the time out?

clurgmgrd and dlm_recvd seem to be using a lot of CPU cycles on Node02, 40 and 60 percent, respectively. 

Thank you for your help.

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