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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster software availability for FC6?

Greg Hudson wrote:

I'm interested in setting up a cluster using GFS 1 and GNBD.  MIT has
a site license for RHEL 5 Advanced Platform, but I would like at least
some of my cluster nodes to be running FC6 instead of RHEL 5.

Hi Greg, thanks for your interest. Mixing OS versions in a cluster can be a tricky business. Granted that RHEL5 is an immediate descendent of fc6 and all, everything should be OK - but there is still a broader possibility for an issue to arise when doing a hybrid thing, imho.

The Linux Cluster FAQ implies that the cluster software is available
for FC6 (e.g. "Yes, but it's new and only available for RHEL5 and
Fedora Core 6. It's called Conga.") but FC6 only appears to contain
the basic cluster management framework (cman) and gfs2-utils.  No GFS
1, no gnbd, no luci or ricci.

All base cluster suite packages plus GFS and CLVM are built and available with fc6. The conga component you are referring to is a management interface. Its development cycle prevented its inclusion in fc6, and it won't be in fc7 for awhile, as there are issues with zope and python versioning in fc7 (conga uses pieces of zope). This very week the Conga team is working on packages compiled for fc6 that we will distribute off of sources.redhat.com/cluster/conga - there will be stable releases there as well as weeklies. I am trying to have that up and available by Monday of next week. I think it is worth checking out - if you are interested in trying out virtualization, the conga interface makes it simple to start VMs as cluster services, and even create clusters from VMs.

In the meanwhile, you can use the pygtk app system-config-cluster to set up your configuration. It is in fc6.

I will send announce mail to this list when the new conga repo is available.


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