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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS4 and RHCS

Thank you, Bob.

2007/4/13, Robert Peterson <rpeterso redhat com>:
Oleg Laktionov wrote:
> Hello, all.
> Can anybody explain me how to configure a clustered NFS4 service with
> the Red Hat Cluster Suite? Does RHCS have a support of using NFS via  tcp
> protocol?
> I've  looked for examples  in Internet and at Redhat.com, but there was
> nothing useful. There are no explanation about fields, like Name, Export,
> Options and so on in "NFS Mount", "NFS Client" and "NFS Export" tabs in the
> Official RedHat cluster suite Documentation. Which resources does I have to
> configure for the properly functionality of cluster?
> Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> best regards,
> Oleg Laktionov

Hi Oleg,

Have you seen my "Unofficial NFS/GFS Cookbook"?


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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Linux-cluster redhat com

best regards,
Oleg Laktionov

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