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[Linux-cluster] NFSv4 with ACL-Support on GFS

Hi Marc and Bob,

I would like to set up an active/active cluster of redundant NFSv4
servers with ACLs that have the same GFS file system exported at the
same time.

At the moment I have a two node cluster of test servers with a GFS
exported over NFSv4, but I can not get or set ACLs with getfacl or
setfacl, which is the same behavior I had with samba.

Some weeks ago I tried two SAMBA servers on GFS, though it was said not
to work in the Cluster FAQ.
It seemed to work -- but no ACLs.

1. Are you mounting gfs on the nfs server with the "-o acl" option?
2. Can you do setfacl and getfacl from the gfs host (i.e. not through nfs)?
3. On what version of the cluster software and gfs are you seeing this?
Sorry for the late answers:

1. Yes, /gfs is mounted with "-o acl" but not the / filesystem and that is the point. I was not aware that it is not sufficient to mount the filesystem itself "-o acl" but also the root fs.
But if you do it works with NFSv4 as well as with Samba.
Now that I found out I took my Samba setup from some weeks ago and setup a Samba PDC and two BDCs that offer the same GFS at a time and I am very happy that it works. Finally I configured an IP-Cluster-Resource that is failed over and use that to mount SMB-shares e.g. home directories on SMB clients.

2. Yes, I can now and I could before / was "-o acl", too.

Hi Christian,
Yes but samba - without having "shared shares" in a multiple writer configuration - works since the beginning even with acl. You need the -o acl and everything should be fine.
OK, but what is the problem with "shared shares"?
Do 2 instances of Samba on 1 server, serving the same shares cause problems?
Why do they do on GFS with different machines?
E.g. I nerver had problems accessing a combined Samba/NFS share by SMB an NFS at the same time.

I am still going to try out different scenarios.

Thanks and best regards

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