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[Linux-cluster] GFS and Simultaneous Access

 Hi Bryn.

	I'm curious about the fencing used with iSCSI - (I've used hacks
with iptables
before for Linux based iscsi devices). 

	Also, I've been trying to figure out a way to allow all my nodes
access to the same filesystem/LUN with separate directories for each one
within the same filesystem for simultaneous access. Is this possible or
would this be the place to use the SCSI reservations? This is being done
strictly for testing.


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Kadlecsik Jozsi wrote:
>> If you are using GFS on shared storage then you need fencing. Period.
>> The only way you can guarantee data integrity in this scenario is by
>> completely cutting a failed or misbehaving node off from the storage;
>> either by power cycling it or having the storage reject its access.
>> Otherwise, imagine a situation where a node hangs for some reason and
>> ejected from the cluster. At this point none of its locks for the
>> data are valid anymore. Some time later, the node recovers from the
>> and begins flushing writes to the storage -> corruption.
> I see - the sentences above make much more clearer why fencing is
> Thank you the explanation - and the hint for the possibility to reject

> the access at the storage itself!
> Best regards,
> Jozsef

Hi Jozsef,

No problem! For cutting the access off at the storage there is a new
fence agent in the cluster CVS called fence_scsi - you can use that if
the storage supports SCSI3 reservations. I don't know if that is the
case for AOE though.

Otherwise you could use a regular network power switch, or maybe cook
something up with a custom fencing script (I've used hacks with iptables
before for Linux based iscsi devices).

Kind regards,
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