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[Linux-cluster] dlm spinlock BUG


I am (trying) t run a GFS testcluster based on cluster-2.00.00 and
vs  cluster-2.00.00 and 

When mounting the  shared device on both nodes I get on the 32bit node:

[82301.201322] BUG: spinlock already unlocked on CPU#2, dlm_recoverd/21239
[82301.201335]  lock: eaf638e4, .magic: dead4ead, .owner: <none>/-1, .owner_cpu: -1
[82301.201356]  [<c01d62ac>] _raw_spin_unlock+0x70/0x72
[82301.201375]  [<f54c2e39>] dlm_lowcomms_get_buffer+0x53/0xed [dlm]
[82301.201408]  [<f54bead7>] create_rcom+0x2d/0xb3 [dlm]
[82301.201435]  [<f54bec9a>] dlm_rcom_status+0x45/0x110 [dlm]
[82301.201461]  [<f54be278>] ping_members+0x38/0x85 [dlm]
[82301.201486]  [<f54be463>] dlm_recover_members+0x19e/0x1d9 [dlm]
[82301.201512]  [<f54c066e>] ls_recover+0x6b/0x2dd [dlm]
[82301.201537]  [<f54c0942>] do_ls_recovery+0x62/0x80 [dlm]
[82301.201558]  [<f54c0960>] dlm_recoverd+0x0/0x85 [dlm]
[82301.201580]  [<f54c09ad>] dlm_recoverd+0x4d/0x85 [dlm]
[82301.201602]  [<c012d830>] kthread+0x8c/0xb1
[82301.201614]  [<c012d7a4>] kthread+0x0/0xb1
[82301.201625]  [<c0103a33>] kernel_thread_helper+0x7/0x14
[82301.201636]  =======================
[82301.201664] dlm: connecting to 2
[82301.210513] dlm: clustervol1: config mismatch: 32,0 nodeid 2: 0,0
[82301.210526] dlm: clustervol1: ping_members aborted -22 last nodeid 2
[82301.210535] dlm: clustervol1: total members 2 error -22
[82301.210543] dlm: clustervol1: recover_members failed -22
[82301.210564] dlm: clustervol1: recover 3 error -22

Afterwards I have to reset the server (locked mount), while the 
second (64bit) server is still useable.

Any ideas ?


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