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[Linux-cluster] killproc annoyance

So just started working with RH4's clustering services and have run into a bit of a "deadlock" problem that I'm trying to see if anyone else has seen/fixed.

1) Start off with working config, add httpd as a clustered service, and every thing is great. Fails over to other machines great.

2) Mess up the apache config (like adding a virtual IP that doesn't exist on the system). Even though configtest works, we have a broken config.

3) So you restart apache without knowing the config is bad, while the clustering service is running. Apache doesn't come back up. Okay, cool, well go fix the problem and try to tell clustering to restart the service.

Here is where things get annoying.
4) Now clustering says the service is failed. So it attempts to "service httpd stop" which killproc in /etc/init.d/functions returns a 1 since it wasn't running before. This causes the clustering software to fail the stop, and hence leave the service in a failed state. I can't get httpd up without the virtual IPs that are associated to the service, so I can't get killproc to ever return a 0 when stopping the service. Shouldn't killproc return a 0 if none of the httpd daemons are still running?

I guess for now, I'll try and force some aliases for the IPs, get httpd up and running, disable the service, remove the aliases, and then enable the service. Lots of stuff to do if I was in a crisis mode in production.

Anyone have an opinion on killproc return codes?


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