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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing using APC7921

Thanks for your reply James,  I believe the problem with the fence_rsa was fixed in a recent update,  I originally filed the bugzilla report for this. 

My problem on the fence_apc was similar.  As a tidy up I had named all the outlets according to node they controlled.  The script Appears to accept 'Outlet 1' as an acceptable menu option.

# "Device Manager", "1- Cluster Node 0   ON"
/--\s*Outlet Control.*\s+?(\d+)\s*-\s+[^\n\r]*\s*Outlet\s+$opt_n\D[^\n]*\s(?-i:ON|OFF)\*?\s/ism ||

If you think that this is still not fixed i'll file a report with Bugzilla

James Lapthorn

On 24/04/07, James Parsons <jparsons redhat com> wrote:
James Lapthorn wrote:

> I use RSA II cards as my primary fencing device on my IBM 3850's.
> After some modifications to the 'fence_rsa' script it now recognises
> 'WMN170370264' as the default card name.

Hi James - which version of cluster suite are you running? fence_rsa was
recently modified to handle prompts other than the default...I wonder if
this is what you encountered. The fix went out in the rhel5
distribution, and will be in rhel4 update 5. If there is something else
amiss with the rsa agent, please consider filing a bugzilla for it - or
maybe you could send me the patch you applied? I would like to keep that
agent as current as possible.

> My secondary fencing device is and APC Power Switch APC7921.  This is
> not a Masterswitch plus so there are two APC7921's, one for each POwer
> supply.  When testing the the device using the following command:
> fence_apc -a <> -l apc -p apc -n 4 -v
> I get:
> failed: unrecognised menu response

In your apc fence log, the problem appears to be the agent not
recognizing the custom names you have set up for the outlets. The latest
version of the fence_apc agent (which was heavily refactored -
completely re-written from the ground up, actually) should handle custom
outlet names...the only problem is - once you change the default name
from 'Outlet 4' to 'leoukldb3 ', you have to use that name. If you are
running the latest agent (it is written in python instead of perl, like
the original agent), could you please try re-running the command above
with the following args?

fence_apc -a < > -l apc -p apc -n
leoukldb3 -v ?

If you have the older perl agent installed in /sbin with the
distribution that you are running, then I am sorry, but the agent will
be confused by the custom names - one way to fix it fast and test the
fix is to telnet directly into your apc switch and change the name of
outlet 4 to 'Outlet 4'.


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